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Aug 28, 2018

Brent Busby is a guitar prodigy, recruited by grown-ups to play in bands around Mobile even in his mid-teens. Now, after parlaying his musical talents to become Sound Designer and Composer for Adult Swim in Atlanta, he still strives to write the perfect song with his faraway bandmates.

Aug 16, 2018

Ever since she was a child singing in her great-grandfather's church in rural Mississippi, Lisa Mills always knew she had a gift. But, over a sprawling career that has taken her to Los Angeles, around the world, and always back home to the Gulf Coast, this fine artist has finally processed her roots, forging a career...

Aug 7, 2018

Molly Thomas has been a fixture of the Mobile music scene since the mid-90’s. Though classically trained on violin, Molly was eventually recruited by jam bands in the early days to supply fills for songs such as “Ants Marching” and "Porch Song." Now, after so many years playing in the background, Molly has emerged...